Putting waste to work!

Recycled, Compostable & Eco-friendly Packaging

Our Mushroom® Packaging starts its lifecycle on farms as agricultural waste that could be disposed of using methods that have a negative effect on the planet.

Fortunately, there are other means of agricultural waste disposal, such as composting and recycling which can be implemented to help protect the planet.

Why is agricultural waste a problem?

We all have responsibility to make sure that we minimise waste and find innovative ways to properly dispose of it, or even better, find ways to re-use it.

And agricultural waste in particular can pose huge negative problems to the environment if not disposed of properly. Additionally, landfills and incineration facilities as well as the chemicals used in farming and agriculture can cause pollution. Pesticides can cause pollution in rivers and streams that affects water ecosystems, which can lead to the death of animals and can also damage drinking

At the Magical Mushroom Company, we put waste to work!

At the Magical Mushroom Company®, we take agricultural waste, and put it to work. We use agro-waste as a feedstock for our mycelium to make a unique product called Mushroom® Packaging.

Mushroom® Packaging performs much like plastic (EPS) during use but is made of agro-waste which is 100% compostable at the end of life. This provides a complete loop to the cycle by feeding our packaging back to the planet as a nourishing chemical-free compost.

Principles driving Mushroom® Packaging materials

1. Feedstock

The main feedstock for packaging today is petroleum, we use this to heat our homes, power our cars and make most of the materials around us. Our unique material uses agro-waste to insure nobody puts large amounts of harmful materials back into our waste disposal systems.

2. Less Energy

Manufacturing plastic uses a huge amount of energy, causes destruction to the planet as well as negatively affecting many people during the process.

In comparison, our material designed by Ecovative Design LLC grows organically using little to no energy in the growing process by creating its own microclimate during its growth state.

3. Material that fits into nature’s recycling system

Organic materials do not require pre-processing. Our Mushroom® Packaging materials fit everywhere in the natural cycle unlike plastic.

Inspired by nature

Our sustainable packaging materials are inspired and designed by nature itself. We are simply using nature’s process to grow packaging.

Mushrooms and mycelium are the natural recycling systems of our planet, and we are harvesting that natural process to produce sustainable packaging.

We provide sustainable packaging for a wide range of industries such as: Cosmetics, E-commerce, Electronics, Horticultural, Interior Design and FMCG.

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