Magical Mushroom Company® formed in 2019, with a clear vision of producing Mushroom® Packaging materials at scale. We are tackling plastic pollution and replacing it with our biodegradable, planet-friendly alternative. As a company, we believe this technology can rid the planet of EPS in years to come.

The core of our business at Magical Mushroom Company® is producing large scale custom-designed packaging for a huge range of European companies. This solution does not suit everybody. Many customers require smaller quantities and ready-to-purchase products. Seeing this demand from small to mid-size businesses, we developed an online portal to help entities self-serve our Mushroom® Packaging, without huge commitments. Starting with a range of 6 core packaging products, we will expand and include many more in 2023.

The online Mushroom® Packaging initiative has been helping many start-ups and existing businesses get up and running, supplying their products with our off-the-shelf sustainable packaging.  Our customers’ businesses range from industry sectors such as Health & Beauty, Candlemakers to Gardening and Drinks Suppliers. 

Magical Mushroom Company has a continuous development programme to produce new products and bring them to market. We value our customers’ feedback, and we are always collecting requirements and suggestions to improve our products and services.

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