Our skincare Essentials Gift Set packaged in Magical Mushroom® Packaging is by far our most popular gift set

JAYA® is a new prebiotic, plant-based skincare brand for young fluctuating skin. As one of the youngest B Corp beauty brands,  JAYA® is on a mission to do beauty better as well as empower young women to feel confident in their own skin – Just as they are. 

The Problem

We were looking for luxurious and unique gift box packaging that was manufactured in the UK and reflected our strong environmental values. As soon as we came across mushroom packaging we knew it was exactly what we were looking for!

The solution

As it turned out, Mushroom Packaging was looking to develop some standard products. We jumped at the chance to be part of their development process and found a way to use their standard range alongside our bespoke print work to create our perfect packaging. As a start-up looking for cost cost-effective solutions, this was perfect as this removed the requirement for bespoke tooling costs and high MOQs.

The results

This is our most popular gift set and everyone always comments on the mushroom packaging!

"Can’t believe this was grown to order! This is AMAZING”

Vicky Charlesworth, Jaya beauty