Mycelium based packaging aligns strongly with Sowvital’s message of quality, precision engineering and ecological durability.

Sowvital is a brand who leads the way with sustainable, premium, and animal free plant fertilisers. Our mission is to reconnect people and their plants through scientifically and mindfully informed nourishment and care rituals. We promote a balanced and conscious way of life through the incorporation of house plants, botanical knowledge, and the three-step house plant routine into the home. For years our motto has been, Love Thy Plants and we advocate for a regularised routine on a Sunday using the Sowvital three step kit.

The Problem

Sowvital continuously looks to push boundaries with innovative design when it comes to its products. We needed a forward-thinking, creative and most importantly sustainable packaging case to house our three step kit, as part of a limited edition gift set at the Chelsea Flower Show. As part of our commitment to supporting the plant growing community, Sowvital was a lead sponsor of the Plant Studios House Plant installation, created by the award winning James Whiting, which won gold and best in category. Sowvital’s products were used to feed and nourish the plants for the Chelsea Flower Show garden.

The solution

Sowvital turned to the plant world for a packaging solution for its three step limited edition gift kit. The Mushroom packaging grown for Sowvital housed the three step kit in an elegant, very safe, and sustainable way.

The results

Sowvital was able to share with its community packaging which was both ingenious and sustainable in its construction. It was a source of great conversation and curiosity, as the tactile nature of it intrigued our community. The Magical Mushroom Company’s support in creating this limited edition three step gift kit box was exceptional.

We were delighted with the finished product, which was elegant and sustainable.

Jack Lewis, Sowvital